What’s In My Bag?

My friends always ask me “What’s in your bag Raceen?” and I always look at them puzzled wondering “why are they asking me that?”. Is it because I usually carry around a huge bag with God knows what? Or, are they that genuinely curious? They say a girl’s bag is the window to her soul. Did they say that? LOL well it sounds good to me.

Today I’m ready to share what’s in One of my bags. I’m ready to bare my soul.Shocker Right?

Aldo Bag
Aldo Bag

I recently purchased this bag online at Aldoshoes.com for 28$. I really wanted something that I could easily carry my wallet in that wasn’t too small like my Guess purse or too large like some of my other bags. I was really captivated by the colours and I thought to myself this is really different than all my typical black bags. I really like the fact that it stands out in  a room of other handbags

So what’s really in my bag?

Well, let’s see…..

These are the things in my bag….

My wallet -That dark brown thing? Yeah, that’s my wallet, I purchased it on zara.com. It was on sale for 10$ I think? I got it in the men’s section

My lip gloss-I got it from a local store. It’s Nivea.Yeah, me wearing lipgloss, weird right? I’ve been trying to stop wearing lipstick so much and be more au natural.

Processed with VSCO with l1 preset

My Tarte blush- Sometimes a girl needs a little colour on the road you know? To brighten that smile. This blush was from Sephora. They gave it to me for my birthday

My Quo brush- My brother got me a makeup brush set for my Christmas gift. I was so elated, he knew just the thing to get me. My brother knows me so well


My Fenty Beauty Matemoiselle lipstick- I recently went to sephora and got this lipstick for $18, the shade is Griselda. I love dark lipsticks, I’m not a fan of bright shades.

My Mac Blot Pressed Powder- I use this for my problem oily areas. A girls gotta not look oily on the road, You know what  I’m shayingggg?

DSCN0075.JPGMy Caramel Pear Body Mist – Smelling good is always a must. My grandma got this for me. It smells so good. It’s not a strong in your face scent, it’s very subtle but I love it.

So I’ve bared my soul, now you know what’s really in my bag. What’s in Yours?

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