How To Define Your Personal Style

How does one define their personal style? The Merriam Webster dictionary describes the word “Style” as, “A distinctive manner of expression”.How do you express yourself? Is your style bohemian, grunge, chic? Is your style ever evolving? Do you only wear plaid shirts and jeans?

It’s hard to find a style you like. It’s taken me many years, of trial, and error to figure out my style. Most people, have a mixture of styles.I look up to people like, Rihanna and Bella Hadid for style inspirations. They wear a lot of black, graphic T-Shirts which I LOVE, and Bella is always wearing some interesting denim pieces that I love as well. Their styles are edgy, yet sophisticated which I love.

Here are some ways to figure out your personal style

  • Find out who your style icons are- Is it Naomi Campbell, or, is it Gigi Hadid’s sporty style that you’re drawn to? Figure out who influences your style.
  • Focus on the outfits- Once you find your style influencers, figure out a name that describes that type of style. Is it bohemian? Is it edgy? Is it trend forward?. Whichever one feels true to you, that will help you get a clear vision of what your style is.
  • Take pictures of your favourite outfits- I always,Always, take pictures of the outfits that I love. Sometimes, when I don’t know what to wear, I look back on my photos to get ideas.
  • Evaluate your Closet- Do you have tons of denim jackets, or fur coats in your closet? This should tell you what your style is. I tend to buy lots of black graphic tees and dresses, this shows me that my style is edgy but sophisticated as well.
  • Try Something New- I LOVE wearing black and dark colours but every now and then, if I see a yellow top that I like, I’ll purchase it. My closet is filled with dark pieces and the odd yellow, or bohemian piece. My style is edgy but I like to step out of my comfort zone at times and try something new, hence, the odd yellow top or bohemian skirt. Style is all about expressing yourself, so if you wake up feeling Bold, wear that yellow top girl and slay the day
  • Wear clothes that make you feel confident- I once wore a green dress from H&M and my mom told me that I looked really good in that style of dress. Ever since then I’ve been wearing silhouettes like that. When I wear that dress I feel confident and sexy.


You, are the master of your own life. Wear what makes you feel like the best version of yourself.



If you feel like your style is more like Rihanna’s edgy style, wearing a floral dress is going to make you feel uncomfortable. So, don’t force it.


Embrace your style, improve upon it and be the best version of you!. Someone once said “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak’. Own your style baby girl.

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