Can Exes Really Be Friends?


I’ve only had one boyfriend in my life so far. I know, shocking! People tend to think that I’m always in some kind of relationship, or, that lots of guys fill up my DMs with messages, (Someone said that to me the other day LOL), or that my best friend is my boyfriend. But that’s just not the case. 

Yes, I’ve been on dates, dated people for 3 months or so, but it hasn’t really worked out, so hence the fact that I say I’ve only had one boyfriend.

The relationship started when  I was about 19 I think, there wasn’t any animosity or anything towards this person, it just didn’t work out. We were just very different. He’s a really nice guy though.I’m 28 now and throughout all that time we still remain friends. 

He tried to get back together with me around 2015, but I told him no. I don’t believe in getting back together with your ex. I know, I sound harsh, but I believe that when you break up with someone, you break up with them for a reason. If you get back together with them, most likely, the problem will still remain. That’s just my belief. 

Yes, so exes can be friends. Is it difficult? For me it’s not, I mean we don’t talk all the time. but we do every now and then. And we haven’t hung out in years. We used to hang out though, a lot because we generally have the same friends. Was it awkward? At times yes, but as I said before, he’s a nice guy and there was no animosity.

And he’s not my best friend, but he’s someone that I can talk to. The relationship wasn’t a long one, so it’s not like I was madly deeply in love with him or anything like that

 I like knowing how his life is going and I want to know that he is doing well in life because he’s my friend.And he’s been someone who has been there for me. Has there been times where I think about, “What if we were together?” Yes, but as I said I’m not one to go back to an ex.

This is not the case for everyone though. Some people believe that you should cut your ex off. I don’t. As long as you have boundaries, I think everything is fine. If I was in a relationship, then I might think differently. If I was in a relationship, I probably wouldn’t be friendly with my ex. But to each his own.

My conclusion? Everyone has different relationships with people. Some people can never be friends with their exes because the relationship was toxic or abusive. 

For me though, I like to keep things positive. And every now and  then I want to know that they’re ok. Maybe I care about people too much? I don’t know. but I’m always myself and no one can ever say that I’m not being myself. And yes, we are really just friends, nothing more.

I would say though, to always reassess how the friendship makes you feel. If it’s not working out, cut it off. And always have boundaries because they are very important.

Yes ,so this is my little story time today.What did you think? Are you friends with your exes or no? Is it a good idea to be friends with your ex?


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