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Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. How was your week? Mine was tiring, I’m so happy it’s almost Friday. Yay

So a few things

1.I decided to get rid of the menu Random Thoughts because I don’t feel like it covers all the things I want to say. I changed it to Advice & Stories instead, because I feel like I have so much advice to give, and I have so many stories to tell. So many!

2. I trashed the Lifestyle and Travel Parts of my blog. I don’t really post much about them so I thought, “Why keep them?”

Yes, so that’s what’s new.

Today in Advice & Stories ?

Topic : How to Tell when you’re stressed physically

No one likes being stressed. No one. If only life was all sunshine and rainbows eh? Everyone would be happy! But that’s not real, that’s just fantasy. But how can you actually tell when you’re stressed? Are there physical signs? Keep reading.

Stress is defined by as “Physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension”. Relatable? Everyone feels stress. Stress doesn’t care whether you’re old or young, it just comes. The first step in controlling stress is to know the physical symptoms. Your body KNOWS when it’s stressed. Here are some physical signs….

  1. Headaches – This is the first sign that tells me when I’m stressed. Whenever I think about the things that are stressing me out like bills etc I get a headache. A severe one. It sucks.
  2. Low Energy- I always feel less energetic when I’m stressed. I just want to lay down all the time
  3. Insomnia – This is a big one for me. If I’m stressed I can’t sleep. I’ll be up at 2am, 3 am, 4am.
  4. Anxiety – I remember when I felt light headed because I had rapid heart beats and my doctor told me that I had anxiety and gave me pills for my anxiety. This was because I was so stressed out.
  5. Aches & Pains – Yes, this can be a physical sign of stress as well.

Stress is sadly something you can’t avoid but there are ways to manage stress especially when it’s chronic.

  • Take Baths – Feeling stressed after work? Take a bath. This helps you relax and makes your muscles less tense
  • Put on a Face Mask – Face Masks are life. Whenever I’m feeling stressed out I like to put one on and just lay down and relax on my bed.
  • Go for a Massage – Massages help to relax your muscles and get rid of the tension in you muscles. If you can’t afford one, get your significant other or family member to give you one.
  • Talk to Someone – Whether it’s a therapist or a friend it’s good to let things out. Keeping things in is what causes stress

In conclusion? If your body is giving you these signs it might be stress. Listen to your body. Tired? Go to bed. Tense muscles? Get a massage. It should be easy, don’t make it complicated.

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