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Random Thoughts : Is Ghosting Ever OK?

Is Ghosting ever OK? Do you know what ghosting is?Have you ever been Ghosted before?For those who are unfamiliar with the term ,”Ghosting” (Maybe you live under a rock?),  is the act, of suddenly ceasing communication with someone the subject is dating but no longer wishes to date, according to the Urban Dictionary.

So now it’s Story time!

I once went out with this guy, (I won’t give out his name, I know how ya’ll are nosey). I really liked him and I don’t like a lot of guys that much. He was the sweetest, kindest person. I initially didn’t like him, because he wasn’t really my type, but he would always compliment me on my style and he would always flirt with me. Then I observed that we seemed to have a lot in common, so I decided to give him a chance.

We would spend hours just talking on the phone and it would never get boring. I felt like he just got me, you know?. Ladies, have you ever felt that way before?

We would text and call each other all the time, but then he just ghosted me. How did I know he ghosted me? Well, I texted him one day, and no answer, then I texted on the weekend, no answer. I even texted him a week later, just to make sure, but still no response.

I was so hurt because I really did like him a lot and I could see us going longterm. I guess I was the only one thinking that?

He didn’t respond till 6 months later. To say that I was surprised, is an understatement. I was like, “What? Who is this?”. I asked him why he did it, and he said “It had nothing to do with you, just some personal issues”. I told him that him ghosting me made me really sad and to never do it again. And we went out again after that because I forgave him but it didn’t last, but that story, is for another time

How did it make me feel? Really sad because I felt like this guy, just really wasted my time and my biggest pet peeve is people wasting my time. I felt really inadequate, like I wasn’t enough. I really felt like I wasn’t even worth a goodbye.

How did I recover? I just decided to move on with my life and forget about him. Because if he had really cared about me, he would have never done that to me. I just decided to focus on other things.

Is it ever Ok to ghost someone you’re dating or anyone for that matter? I don’t think so. Yeah, everyone has issues, everyone is going through some difficult time. Yes I get that everyone handles situations differently, but what about treating people with respect? What about communicating?

It’s like this generation doesn’t know how to communicate anymore. We hide how we feel, and expect people to read our minds, but guess what? Only God can read minds, remember that.

And yes, I get that you might be going through stuff and you might want to use ghosting as a form of escapism, but let the person know. You know, just say to your significant other, “Hun, I’m not trying to be rude, but I need some time out”, or something. Don’t just leave someone in the dark not knowing what’s going on.

Hint : We won’t get the hint that you’re no longer interested until you tell us. So ghosting is an absolute waste of time. If you ghost people, you’re an ass. Yeah, I said it. So immature!

I know that him ghosting me, had nothing to do with me, I get that, but maybe give ya girl a warning before hand?

I think ghosting is really selfish. If you no longer like the person, tell them. If you want some alone time, tell them.

Lack of communication is why there are so many issues in the world today. That’s why there are so many instances of divorce all over.Be open, be sincere. If you don’t like someone, speak up.

Don’t leave someone in the dark because of your selfish ways.

I’m just sharing my experience with ghosting today XOXO

Have you ever been ghosted before? How did it make you feel?

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Brushes Vs Beauty Blenders

Do you use a Brush to apply your foundation or do you use a Beauty Blender? This is the question of the ages. I swear, every time I watch a Makeup Youtube tutorial, there’s always some people who hate using beauty blenders and vice versa. Or, if you watch those Vogue beauty videos, some people prefer to use their fingers (Yeah, I find that really weird). Which one do I prefer? Hmmm…….Keep reading to find out.


When I first started getting into wearing makeup, I was all into the brushes. I would go to the Nyx Cosmetic store or my local drugstore to see what the best brushes were and so on. I lived by the code that “Brushes were the best for me”, and, no one could tell me otherwise. I had tried beauty blenders before, but I didn’t get why people were so into them. I didn’t really know how to use them either. I was like “What’s the use of this?”. So, I kept on using my brushes.

I didn’t immediately start watching Beauty Tutorials until one day my friend told me about the biggest Youtube Gurus and said ,”Ok, let me check this out”. I started watching the videos and saw the different techniques  they used to apply their makeup and saw how they used the beauty blender. I said to myself, “Oh ok, that’s how you’re supposed to use it Raceen”, haha. I then proceeded to order some from Amazon.


After I received them in the mail, I tried to use them, but I still wasn’t satisfied, so I went back to using my brushes. Until the hair in my foundation brush started falling out. I was panicking, wondering “Omg what am I going to use now”. Then, I looked down and saw my beauty blenders and it was like a light bulb had switched on. I  then started to really learn how to use them because I really didn’t have a choice at that point. You know what I’m saying?  Now, I love them.

Below, I’ll show you my experience with the Beauty Blender Vs A Brush

Applying my Fenty Beauty Foundation with my dampened beauty blender
After – It looks really smooth and blended Out

The Brush……

Applying the foundation with the brush
After – As you can see, it looks patchy and not really blended

My conclusion? Beauty Blenders are Better! Yeah I said it! Haha.

But that’s just my personal preference.

Brushes don’t work for me anymore because it just makes my foundation look patchy and grainy.

Maybe there will be some new applicator  that’s invented  in 2030 that is even better than beauty blenders and brushes. Haha.

Using a  beauty blender makes my foundation looks so smooth. I really love it.

Here’s my entire makeup look


Which do you prefer? Do use a Beauty Blender or a Foundation Brush? What has your experience with a beauty blender or brush been like?


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Things You’ll Never See Me Wearing

I love fashion, I really do, but there are just certain things, you will Never see me wearing. If you do happen to see me wearing them though, (because I’m human, Duh), please ask me if I’m OK. Haha. IMG_6233

I don’t follow EVERY trend and I don’t like everything that I see in the stores or online. I just like the things that I like. Don’t you? What’s the point of wearing clothes if you can’t wear the things that you like? Let me spell it out for you, “There’s no point”.With that being said, I do have a list of Things that You’ll Never See Me Wearing. Here it goes…

Floral Dresses or Anything Floral – I HATE anything floral. I’m not a girly girl, maybe that’s why? But I just hate the way how floral things look on me. Whenever I try on anything floral, I just want to rip it off my skin. Haha.


Sweatpants – I probably only own one pair of sweatpants. Yes, I do get cold in the winter months,  but I just wear jeans. I absolutely hate wearing sweatpants. Haha, sweatpants lovers don’t come for my head. Do I see myself wearing more sweatpants in the future? Absolutely not. The only thing in the sweatpants realm that looks remotely interesting to me, are those Adidas Track Pants. I’m probably going to buy one of those soon.


Stripes – I remember the first time I bought a striped top for work and I thought it would look good on me, but it didn’t. My problem with stripes, is that they make me boobs look huge. Yes, I already know that my boobs are big, but I like to stay away from things that point out that fact. Will I ever wear stripes in the future? Maybe not a top, but maybe a striped skirt?


A line Skirts – These don’t look flattering on me at all. I don’t know if I’m not buying the right one or what, but I give up. You’ll never see me in an A line skirt, EVER.There’s just too much material swallowing me up. I can’t be bothered



Yes, so this is my list. I typically don’t buy things on this list, because I really do hate them. Will I ever change my mind in the future? Maybe. They say “Never Say Never”


They say that fashion is all about taking risks but I’m not into taking risks with things that I hate or that I don’t think look flattering on me.

If you are into wearing A line skirts, by all means, continue, but some things are just not for me.


I’m not trying to change anyone, this post is just about the things that you’ll never see me wearing.

My top is sold out, but you can shop similar ones Here

My Jeans Here

What styles are you more into than others? What types of clothes do you hate wearing?

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My Eyeshadow Collection

I’ve probably said this a gazillion times but I’ll say it again, “I don’t really wear eyeshadow”.  I don’t really know why. I wear foundation, lipstick basically everything else, but you will rarely, ever see me wear eyeshadow. Do I hate it? I don’t think so, I guess I’ve never really found the use for it, because I like my makeup really simple. I’m not trying to bring out my eyes OK? Haha. Recently though, I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone. Keep reading.


Today, I want to show off My Eyeshadow Collection. I blog a lot and I find that wearing eyeshadow, brings out my eyes and makes my pictures stand out more. I just love the dramatics of it all. This is not a review, I’m just showing off my growing eyeshadow collection. Here it goes!

Rimmel London Magnif’Eyes Spice Edition – I recently bought this from my local drug store. I like this eyeshadow palette, because of the rustic colours. There’s a lot of red, burgundy and brown. I find that these colours look the best on me. Shop it Herefullsizeoutput_1464.jpeg



Huda Beauty Eyeshadow and Powder – I found this in my local dollar store. YES, the dollar store sells makeup ya’ll. This is mostly glitter but I love it.I like using this for special occasions. I put on some of the red glitter for Canada day to match the flag and I felt like I really stood out. I bought 2 palettes for $4 eachfullsizeoutput_1466





Rimmel London’s Magnif’eyes Mono Eyeshadow – This a brown shimmery color that I love wearing. I wear this every time I put on eyeshadow. I use it as a base to put on other eyeshadow, or I  wear it by itself. As you can see, it’s almost done because I use it so much. Shop it Here



Quo Colour Wonderland Eye, Lip and Cheek Collection – My brother bought this for me for Christmas last year and I absolutely love it. There are so many colours to choose from! It’s insane. I like this because whether I want to go simple, or, dramatic there’s a color for that. This is from my local Shoppers Drug mart.





Elf Cosmetics Eyeshadow Collection – I found this in my local shoppers drug mart about a year ago. I was going to an office party and I wanted to spice up my look so I bought this. I like that it has a lot of bold colours. You can shop similar palettes Here


This is not a review. I’m just sharing my growing eyeshadow collection. I’ll be showing more creative looks soon.

This summer, I’m all about embracing and trying new things. You only live once.

What eyeshadow brands do you use? Do you wear more bold colours or more natural colours?

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Tips to Look More Fashionable

Have you ever looked into the mirror and thought, “Hmm my fashion needs work” or, “Maybe I should tweak my style a little?”. Well, I think this happens to most of us. Fashion can be tough sometimes, but not impossible to master. It’s not math Y’all, (Let’s see the hands of those who hate math and think it’s difficult Aka me). Looking fashionable, is not all about buying the most expensive Versace pieces or wearing the latest trends, it can be very simple, easy and affordable.fullsizeoutput_1387Here are some Tips that have helped me through the years to look more fashionable.

  1. Try something new – Yes, if you’re tired of looking the same all the time, the answer? Try something new. No, I’m not saying you should completely go out of your comfort zone, but try something new that you’re comfortable with. So if you’re someone who constantly likes to wear black maybe try wearing bright blue for a change? Change is always good. Start small and work your way up.fullsizeoutput_1386
  2. Wear Sunglasses – I find that adding sunglasses to any outfit just makes it pop and look 10 times more fashionable. Wearing sunglasses with my outfits makes me feel like I’m some rich lady who has her shit together and can conquer the world.fullsizeoutput_1385
  3. Wear a shoe that doesn’t match – I know you queens, like to match your red top with your red jeans, and your red shoes but sometimes, it’s good to switch things up. Pair your green dress with your purple shoes. You’ll instantly look more fashionable and chic. In these pictures I’m wearing  snake skin mules with a lavender dress which Clearly don’t match but I love it.fullsizeoutput_1389
  4. Wear your Jacket on your shoulders – I remember the first time I tried this and people were staring at me. Haha, that’s how you grab people’s attention. It’s like you’re wearing a cape but not really.fullsizeoutput_1388
  5. Wear your cross body bag in front – I find myself doing it a lot more these days. It just showcases the bag more and since my blue bag is my favourite, I find that I want to show it off more. I find that this makes me look more high fashion.

Other tips include :Playing around with sizes – Sometimes I like to wear oversized clothing whether it be a top or jeans. It just goes with a tomboyish vibe that I might be having that day and just makes me look super chicCheck your closet – It’s good to always peruse your closet. That dress that you had when you were 16? Maybe it’s time to get rid of it Susan. Don’t be a hoarder. Ask yourself “Do I really need this or even wear this? If the answer is “No”, get rid of it.If you think your style is fine then there’s no need to update it. These are just tips that have helped me in my personal life. You can follow them, or not, it’s up to you really.It seems like the dress that I bought, is sold out but you can shop a similar one HereWhat other tips are there out there that can help someone become more fashionable? What tips do you follow in your own life?Comment belowLearn more about me in my updated About me section in the menu.Read my previous Outfit/ Fashion post Here Follow me on Instagram me HereFacebook Here

Random Thoughts : Would I Date a Homebody?

My friends and I recently had this discussion about homebodies vs outgoing people. For those who don’t know, homebodies are people who like to stay at  home, watch TV and basically chill all the time.I would consider myself, to probably be more on the Extrovert spectrum. I like to go out, I hate to chill. I’m not saying that I don’t chill, but if I had to choose between chilling and going out, I’d probably choose going out. Staying in, is just really boring to me. I’m just a happy go lucky person! The only time I’m really in my house is if I have to work, sleep or if I’m really stressed out. And I’m not a partier. In fact, I hate parties but I just like to go on adventures. Also, watching Netflix gets boring to me, after a while. Netflix doesn’t even have that many interesting shows son.


One of my friends, asked me the other day, if I would seriously date someone, who was a homebody. I had to really think about my answer, because that would be difficult. Not that it would be impossible, just difficult. I mean, if every time I had to force the person to go out, that would be annoying, and if they wanted me to stay in all the time I’d go crazy. It would just be chaos. I guess it makes me realize that I want someone who is as outgoing or more outgoing than I am. Haha, ain’t nothing wrong with that.


This discussion, then lead me to think about my friends. I feel like I can relate to, or I’m closer to people who are more outgoing. We have more things in common.I’m not saying that I don’t have homebody friends, I do, I just don’t really understand them. I don’t understand why someone would want to stay in. I mean, we live in Canada, a place that gets extremely  long, cold  winters. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the hot sun?As I mentioned before, I just don’t understand homebodies, but even though I don’t understand them, I still love them. But would I date one though? Probably not.I know, some of you, are probably saying, “Wow, that’s so shallow”. But life is too short to settle.

As soon as a guy says he likes to stay in, I’m turned off. Haha, don’t judge me.My aim in life, isn’t to understand everything, or everyone, or I’d go crazy. I love everyone. HAHA, I’m not a homebody hater, so homebodies don’t come for me. I’m not telling ya’ll to change. I just don’t invite my homebody friends out that much because I know they answer will be no.I’m just showing things from my point of view.The moral of this story? If you’re a homebody or you’re outgoing, don’t change. Be yourself and the right person will come along.These are just my Random thoughts.

What did you think of this post? Are you more outgoing, or more someone who likes to stay in? Would you date someone who is the complete opposite of who you are?Comment below

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Why I like Wearing Makeup


Have I always been into makeup? No. I was more of a tomboy growing up.Did my mom teach me how to wear lipstick and foundation? No. My mom doesn’t even care about makeup.So how did I get to start like wearing makeup? Keep reading to find out.

I can’t really pinpoint the exact moment when I started to like makeup but it wasn’t at age 8 or 14. At those ages I was more interested in books, more than anything else. I was probably 25, when I bought my first Mac lipstick. My first foundation was Black Opal which I found in a store across the street.

I didn’t know what Sephora or Nyx was until about a year ago, when I started working across the road from the mall. I was in a professional environment so I didn’t want to look like I just woke up out of bed, so that’s when I started getting more into wearing makeup.

My coworkers would talk about different brands that they use and what works and what doesn’t work. It was all so new to me, but so intriguing so I started buying different foundations and really seeing what works  best.

So Why do I like wearing  makeup?

1.I think because I’m a creative person makeup gives me the chance to create. It’s like my face is the blank canvas and I can just paint whatever picture I want people to see. I love that. One day I can be sultry, the next day I can look simple. It’s awesome.

2. It makes me feel confident. Yes, I know we should all be confident without makeup, and I am, but it just makes me feel more confident. It makes me feel like I can just go up to anyone and talk to them without having to worry about how I look. I know you girls can relate.

3. It enhances my best features. I have high cheek bones and wearing makeup, specifically contouring my face, helps show my cheek bones and enhances them. If I want my eyes to pop, putting on mascara helps with that. Makeup is just the bomb.

4. I have dark spots on my face so foundation helps to cover that up. I’m just being real with ya’ll. My skin isn’t perfect but makeup helps it to look good

I love makeup and I’m probably not going to stop wearing it. I also really don’t care if people say I wear too much makeup because people’s opinions don’t really matter to me.

I also don’t wear makeup 90% of the time but when I do, I like to get all up  in it.

I’m also trying to get rid of my dark spots so you know? I’m working on myself.

And to guys who bash girls who wear makeup, “Leave them alone”. It’s not your face, so don’t judge. Some girls like to wear a lot, some don’t wear any at all. Love people for who they are.

If you don’t wear makeup I don’t judge. As I always say ,”Do you”.

Makeup is fun though, you should try it sometime. XOXO



When did you start wearing makeup? Why do you like wearing makeup?

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