Random Thoughts : Would I Date a Homebody?

My friends and I recently had this discussion about homebodies vs outgoing people. For those who don’t know, homebodies are people who like to stay at  home, watch TV and basically chill all the time.I would consider myself, to probably be more on the Extrovert spectrum. I like to go out, I hate to chill. I’m not saying that I don’t chill, but if I had to choose between chilling and going out, I’d probably choose going out. Staying in, is just really boring to me. I’m just a happy go lucky person! The only time I’m really in my house is if I have to work, sleep or if I’m really stressed out. And I’m not a partier. In fact, I hate parties but I just like to go on adventures. Also, watching Netflix gets boring to me, after a while. Netflix doesn’t even have that many interesting shows son.


One of my friends, asked me the other day, if I would seriously date someone, who was a homebody. I had to really think about my answer, because that would be difficult. Not that it would be impossible, just difficult. I mean, if every time I had to force the person to go out, that would be annoying, and if they wanted me to stay in all the time I’d go crazy. It would just be chaos. I guess it makes me realize that I want someone who is as outgoing or more outgoing than I am. Haha, ain’t nothing wrong with that.


This discussion, then lead me to think about my friends. I feel like I can relate to, or I’m closer to people who are more outgoing. We have more things in common.I’m not saying that I don’t have homebody friends, I do, I just don’t really understand them. I don’t understand why someone would want to stay in. I mean, we live in Canada, a place that gets extremely  long, cold  winters. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the hot sun?As I mentioned before, I just don’t understand homebodies, but even though I don’t understand them, I still love them. But would I date one though? Probably not.I know, some of you, are probably saying, “Wow, that’s so shallow”. But life is too short to settle.

As soon as a guy says he likes to stay in, I’m turned off. Haha, don’t judge me.My aim in life, isn’t to understand everything, or everyone, or I’d go crazy. I love everyone. HAHA, I’m not a homebody hater, so homebodies don’t come for me. I’m not telling ya’ll to change. I just don’t invite my homebody friends out that much because I know they answer will be no.I’m just showing things from my point of view.The moral of this story? If you’re a homebody or you’re outgoing, don’t change. Be yourself and the right person will come along.These are just my Random thoughts.

What did you think of this post? Are you more outgoing, or more someone who likes to stay in? Would you date someone who is the complete opposite of who you are?Comment below

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Random Thoughts – Dating Apps Are Exhausting

I know, you’re probably wondering why I’m writing about dating. After all, my blog is about Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel. Confused? Keep reading.

Well, I decided to add another category called Random Thoughts. This category will just encapsulate my thoughts on different topics. I’m a thinker, so it’s good to get my thoughts out. I felt like I kinda mixed up my fashion posts, with my life experiences and that’s not what I want. I want each category to represent exactly what it says it is.

So my Random topic for today is Dating Apps are Exhausting

I read an article that said Rihanna broke up with her boyfriend because she was “Tired of men because she gets tired of men sometimes”. After I read it I ended up laughing hysterically because I thought it was so funny. A babe can really relate. You know what I’m saying?Can this be on a billboard somewhere?.This is my mood right now.

I’m single and I’ve been single for about 3 years now. The last time I dated someone was probably in 2016 and that was short lived. That’s another story for another time.I guess you could say I’m attractive but I never really get to meet people. When I go out, I’m always with the same friends, so there’s not a lot of opportunities to meet guys. I also spend a lot of time with my brothers so sometimes when I go out with them people assume that they’re my boyfriend. Or, people assume my best friend is my boyfriend. Or, guys think I’m unapproachable. Or guys just stare at me but never say hello. Haha so many reasons.

I recently joined a dating app. I know, astonishing! I wanted to try something different. Some of my friends told me that they found boyfriends from dating apps, one is even engaged. At first, I was kind of skeptical but I said you know what? Let’s see how this goes. I mean if I never try I’ll never know right? Haha.

It has been 2 weeks and I must say I find dating apps exhausting. I’ve been on 4 dates with 4, very different, guys so far. I know, you’re probably saying ” But 4 dates isn’t even a lot”. Yeah it’s not a lot but after the 4th date I was like “Yep, I’m kind of tired of this”.

I won’t get into specifics. Each guy had different qualities. Two of them were gentlemanly, one just wanted to play around and the other one was very self centered and talked about how hot he looked. Hahaha.

So why do I find dating apps so exhausting? Well……

  1. I can’t be bothered – I wish I could skip the dating part and just end up with the person I’m supposed to be with, But yeah that’s not reality.
  2. Getting dressed up takes time – Like son, can I just go on a pyjama date? Hahaha. The whole process of trying to look good so that your date sees you in a good light is exhausting. You should see my room LOL. Too much work, I want someone to like me for my personality not my looks. Even though I like dressing up, I have my days when I don’t feel like putting on nice clothes.
  3. Sometimes, their personality  or looks doesn’t match their profiles – Sometimes they seem fun or romantic during texts but they’re crass and boring in real life. HAHA. Maybe they think the same thing with me, I don’t know, or care. I once met someone who said that they were 6ft and when I met with them they were my height. I’m 5’7. I had to laugh after the date.
  4. Some people try too hard – You know those “Good Morning beautiful” texts? Yeah, I’ve come to hate them. Haha. I used to think they were cute, but now I find them annoying. Like why do you have to try so hard? I’m not saying we shouldn’t communicate, but everyday? Every morning? Haha, maybe something is wrong with me. Sometimes I ignore texts or I don’t reply till hours later or I delete people’s numbers. Again, I’m just being honest.
  5. I can’t keep up – I’m laughing at myself writing this but I really can’t keep up. Sometimes I don’t remember what you said to me last night or what you said last  week. Sometimes I forget people’s names. I’m just being honest.

I decided to put a pause on the dating app. I don’t know, it just felt too much. The whole thing felt more negative than positive and super exhausting.

Maybe it’s because I work from home now that I don’t go out much but I’m going to start making the effort to go out more and make new friends. I’m going to start exploring again like I used to.

Am I being desperate in trying out dating apps? I don’t think so. If I don’t meet people I just don’t, there isn’t anything wrong with trying out dating apps. As I mentioned before some people have good experiences, some don’t. Plus, I don’t care about people’s opinions, I march to the beat of my own drum.

Will I ever start using it again? Maybe. For now, I don’t like the feeling I get from using it, so I stopped. You know that saying?, “Get rid of what no longer serves you”. Yeah that’s what I’m doing.

Am I writing off dating? Haha, no. I’m just going to try real life.

Why be exhausted when you can enjoy life?

Disclaimer – I’m not telling people to not use dating apps. Do what you feel comfortable doing.  If you want to try it out do so, if you don’t want to, don’t.It’s not for everyone. This is just my personal experience from using it.

Have you ever tried any dating apps? How was your experience? Did you like it? Did you hate it?

Comment below

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